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A degree from the Department of Accounting and Information Systems carries a strong reputation, provides excellent career prospects, and is provided by outstanding faculty.


Our program has earned a reputation for excellence among graduates and employers.  Our faculty includes nationally known teachers and researchers.  Our graduates perform well in their profession, many advancing to top levels of their organizations.


Our graduates enjoy strong prospects for professional growth and development.  Our new graduates consistently receive excellent starting salaries. All National Accounting Firms and several of the largest systems consulting firms consider our department to be a primary source of employee talent in the fields of Accounting and Information Systems.


We care about our students and we are committed to their success.  Our faculty actively seek opportunities for our students to meet and interact with ACIS professionals, to receive internships or permanent positions, to serve on committees, and to receive college-wide awards. 

The Pamplin College of Business is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

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Upon graduation, 89% of our students have secured the job or graduate program they seek. This is among the highest placement figures on campus and above the overall Pamplin rate of 83%.


Six of the twelve most recruited majors at Virginia Tech are in the Pamplin College of Business with the Department of Accounting and Information Systems leading the way.

On Campus Interviews

Our students have the highest number of on- campus interviews out of all 78 majors at Virginia Tech.


Our department awards more scholarships than any department at Virginia Tech.


The Department of Accounting and Information Systems co-sponsors the largest annual continuing education program in Virginia.