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Accounting Option

The Accounting Option is a leading edge accounting and auditing program to prepare students for careers in the preparation, reporting, audit, analysis and use of financial information. Graduates from the accounting option have started careers as accountants, auditors, chief financial officers, consultants, controllers, financial analyst, tax specialists, etc.

This program provides basic education for careers in public accounting (CPA) firms, large and small corporations, government agencies, or nonprofit organizations. The program prepares graduates to earn the CPA, CMA, and other professional accounting certification.

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Information Systems Audit Option

The Information Systems Audit Option is an innovative systems program designed to prepare students for careers in assurance services (or auditing) and to add value to the financial reports of businesses and the information systems they use.

This program is designed to prepare students for careers as information systems auditors and information systems professionals in enterprise risk assurance services, computer risk management services and other systems assurance services in business, government, or nonprofit organizations. It prepares graduates to sit for the CPA, CISA, or other professional certification.

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Information Systems Option

The Information Systems Option is a premier information systems program designed to prepare students for careers in the design and implementation of complex computer-based information systems. The IS Option curriculum emphasizes a strong mix of business and technology knowledge and skills. After completing the program, students will be able to analyze a business problem, design and implement a technology-based solution that includes a database, a set of computer programs, user interface, and system architecture. Students are also exposed to emerging topics in IS, such as privacy, security and mobile communications.

IS Option graduates are hired in a number of different professional careers. Typical careers include IS-oriented business analyst/management consultants, systems analysts and designers, database developers and administrators, network administrators, and project managers.

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All Accounting and Information Systems majors must complete an Option Selection Form (Word format or PDF format) which identifies the option (Accounting, ISA, or ISO) desired. This form should be completed by the second semester of the sophomore year or within 3 weeks of being admitted to the major. Completed forms should be delivered to Pamplin 3007.

Students graduating from the Department of Accounting and Information Systems must have a minimum quality credit average (GPA) of 2.00 in upper-division (3000 and 4000 level) accounting and information systems courses (the in-major GPA) as well as an overall GPA of 2.00 for all courses taken at Virginia Tech.

152-hour Program

For student who enrolled as undergraduates and who are interested in becoming certified public accountants, we have a special 152-Hour Program that combines undergraduate and graduate course work. The program allows undergraduates to take all the courses necessary to take the CPA examination and to receive both the Bachelor's degree and the Master's degree in Accounting and Information Systems upon completion in five years.