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Force Adds -- PLEASE READ


Force adds for Fall will open on August 18. Force Adds will be processed by the last day to add classes.

To force add an ACIS course to your schedule, please use the force add link below. A force add request does not guarantee that you will get the class. DO NOT SUBMIT MULTIPLE REQUESTS FOR THE SAME CLASS.


If there is an open section for the course you wish to add, you will not be able to force add a full section. You must add one of the open sections. WE WILL NOT PROCESS SECTION CHANGES!

Please note that if a course has a prerequisite listed you must have successfully completed the prerequisite before trying to force add a course.

If you are trying to force add ACIS 4554 you need to contact Tracy McCoy in the BIT Department - 1007 Pamplin. If you are trying to force add ACIS 5504 or ACIS 5524, please contact Cindy Rubens (

If you have any questions, please email